Look at it this way…

So…up until now I have never wanted to learn programming languages. I mean, I could do some stuff in R, and that was about it.

But now I look at my Arduino and I go…mh, maybe, should I?

Well, I work in libraries, so the first thing I did was to browse our catalogue, and…there you go, the perfect match: Beginning C for Arduino by J. Purdum.

I find this book really helpful for people like me with no experience in programming. It takes nothing for granted, and if you follow the author’s advice on actually making the exercises (i.e. writing the actual code, from setup to } – and don’t forget the ;!) you are going to finally grasp some programming fundamentals. I feel more confident in view of my projects with Arduino now, and cannot wait to finish the book to use some programming insight to help in my projects (never have been a fan of cut and paste).


I know, I know, but hey, this is the first code I run just for coding’s sake.

So, yes, if you look at it this way…programming can be fun even for people like me, who prefer hands-on work and always thought they would have rather banged their head to the wall rather than learning to code!